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Pay Online for Memphis and Shelby County Eviction

Pay Online for Memphis and Shelby County Eviction

Please contact me using the link above to discuss the case before paying online. The attorney-client relationship begins upon our personal communication, not upon payment below. However, if we have reached an agreement and I have sent you here to finalize arrangements, click below to process your payment(s). I look forward to working with you!

Shelby County Tennessee Eviction
$    50   Private Process Server

$ 100   Shelby County General Sessions Case Filing Fee

$ 350   Attorney Fee

$ 500   Total

* Commercial Landlords or Property Management Companies who require a large number of evictions should contact me to discuss a possible volume discount.

Option 1:

“I already filed an eviction case, but I want to hire Jeff Lee to handle it for only $350.” 

$350 Attorney Fee


Option 2:

“I have not already filed an eviction case, and I want Jeff Lee to not only handle the case,
but also save me time and frustration by filing the case and making arrangements with the process server,
so I am paying $350 on the Attorney Fee button, and $150 on the Filing and Service Fees button.”

$350 Attorney Fee

$150 Filing and Service Fee

* This payment goes directly into Jeff Lee’s trust account, where he can then pay the court and the server on your behalf.

Refund and Exchange Policy
Contact me immediately if you have paid in error, changed your mind about litigation, or want to proceed with a different address, and we will issue a full or partial refund based on how far the case has progressed. For example, if I have already filed the case, the court will not issue a refund for the filing fee. If we have not filed the case, I don’t have any issue proceeding with a different tenant than we originally planned.

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