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There is only one Kick’em Out Quick Memphis Eviction Attorney, and that’s J. Jeffrey Lee

J. Jeffrey Lee is the official Kick’em Out Quick Memphis Eviction Attorney. To qualify for this honor, he has provided additional documentation, certification and other requirements.

He has handled over 200 commercial and residential evictions in Shelby County, Tennessee. He appears in the Shelby County General Sessions Courts on a daily basis and is well-respected by judges, co-counsel, and defendants as a tough but fair advocate.

Mr. Lee recently authored a book on Memphis evictions titled, “The Top Ten Reasons Memphis Landlords Get Ripped Off By Their Tenants – And How to Stop It!” This guide has helped landlords big and small, residential and commercial, in protecting their interests and recovering their losses. This free resource is available here.

As the Kick’em Out Quick Memphis Eviction Attorney, he also authors a monthly newsletter called “Rent Happy,” which gives monthly tips, updates, and recent legislation affecting landlords and rental property businesses.

In the event that you don’t have a server, bankruptcy attorney, local contact, property manager, etc., he has a team of referrals that he can provide so that whether you’re in state or out-of-state, you won’t be trying to handle this eviction without help. He has also worked with contacts inside of Code Enforcement, the Shelby County Environmental Court, and foreclosure companies.

Don’t settle for substitutes – contact the official Kick’em Out Quick Memphis Eviction Attorney today!


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