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Limited Liability

Landlords often have to defend against injuries in their properties, contract disputes with vendors, and other related matter


After the eviction, we can monitor and file garnishments with the former tenant's wages for 1/3 of the actual recovery


We can work alongside your property manager, handy man, and broker to coordinate eviction efforts on your rental properties

Legal Drafting

We can draft leases with the provisions that will help you achieve maximum recovery and protect your assets


If a defaulting tenant does not vacate the premises, we can escalate the matter and have them forcibly removed


We can assist you with the lawful eviction of tenants through the court system and therefore limit your liability

Attorney Lee has completed several of my evictions for me during this year as well as I will be using him next year. He is patient, understanding but most importantly he knows the law. His clientele has grown, not because he chases clients but rather through word of mouth and his impeccable standard of customer service. As I have always recommended his services, you will not find another attorney more attentive to your individual needs.

The Kick Out Attorney

( Shon W. )

As a first time Landlord, I was totally unprepared to deal with the harsh realities of Dead-beat tenants. Being a trusting person, I would like to believe that most people are honest, trustworthy, responsible human beings. Sadly, my very first tenants turned out to be the exact opposite. After months of refusing to pay Rent or Utilities, violating all stipulations of their rental agreement and refusing to vacate my property, I was forced to seek legal representation to evict my non-paying tenants. I was fortunate however, to find excellent legal representation to guide me through the difficult legal process of tenant eviction. James Jeffrey Lee was very knowledgable and confident through out this process and instilled calmness and confidence in me during a very stressful period in my life. Mr. Lee worked tirelessly to represent me in court and was successful in wining my case in court. I am forever grateful and would highly recommend James Jeffery Lee to anyone seeking legal representation.

First time Landlord

( Sherry )

He did an awesome job. He got it done quick and kept me very well informed. He was very in depth explaining the process and made it go by with ease. I would definitely recommend him to friends and will use him again.

Straight to the Point

( Linda )

I actually got his contact information from a close friend of mine and he had suggested Jeff right off the bat. The first time talking to Jeff he knew exactly what needed to be done for this court date to go smoothly and well in my favor. His knowledge and calm collective way of handling my case was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again Jeff I really appreciate your help!

I feel lucky for getting this attorney from the start!

( Kris )

Jeff was an awesome attorney. I was really pleased that I chose him to handle my case. He was aware of several laws that were pertinent to my case. Overall very pleased.

Excellent Services!!

( Dawanna )

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October 2015 Newsletter

Download the October 2015 “Rent Happy” Newsletter here for legal updates, tips, and more!

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Woman finds out her rental home was a gruesome murder scene

Click here to see the story from News Channel 3: Woman finds out her rental home was a gruesome murder scene This story is pertinent for two reasons: It presents an accurate statement of the law, as far as Landlord and Tenant obligations to disclose prior occurrences on the property. It is an opportunity for

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Truth #7: The IRS gets it wrong when they call rental property “passive income.”

You will be sadly disappointed if the only action you take as a landlord is to click the refresh button on your online bank account until your tenants’ deposits appear. Bad tenants rarely operate like Swiss watches with mechanical precision – if you aren’t staying on your high-maintenance tenants throughout the month, that online deposit

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Truth #6: It is the landlord’s fault when the tenant owes more than six months of rent

This rule might seem harsh, but at your core you know it to be true. In the beginning, you gave the tenant a second chance, and then after that, a third. A tiny voice in the back of your head told you that it wasn’t going to work out, but you kept shushing that voice

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Truth #5: The exception made for one will become the rule for all

This is especially true if you have a rental property with multiple tenants. If you allow one tenant to pay late, you might say something like, “Hey, keep this under your hat, but I’ll give you a one-week extension to pay,” and actually expect the tenant to do so. Unfortunately, instead of quietly enjoying this

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Truth #4: The tenant you rush in will be the tenant you rush out

Nearly every eviction I handle begins with a story from the landlord about how he or she bent over backwards to get this tenant in: they let the tenant move in early, they let the tenant pay the security deposit in installments (or not at all), they let the tenant bring a pet, etc. I

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